Canvios en el spawn de los Mvp's

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Canvios en el spawn de los Mvp's

Mensaje  Omitsu el Jue Sep 18 2008, 19:09

So apparently, kRO, jRO and ruRO received the mvp spawn time variation patch within the last few weeks. Luckly for us, the info that the variation is based on isn’t new. Having confirmed the spawn time variations from jRO, I will post the variation in spawn time. It is unfortunately rather likely we’ll see it within a month or so on iRO. At that time, I will take steps to modify the RODE site to support spawn time variation.

As predicted, mvps that are spawned as part of a script, such as Lord of Death, Ktullanux, Memory of Thanatos, and the Biolabs 3f MVPs do not change. Biolabs 3f MVPs however already have spawn time variance included as part of the script.

[Atroce] (ra_fild02) 4h - 7h
[Atroce] (ra_fild03) 3h - 5h50m
[Atroce] (ra_fild04) 5h - 7h50m
[Amon Ra] 1h - 1h27m
[Baphomet] 2h - 3h
[Dark Lord] 1h - 1h30m
[Detardeurus] 3h - 5h
[Doppelganger] 2h - 3h
[Dracula] 1h - 1h30m
[Drake] 2h - 3m
[Eddga] 2h - 3h
[Egnigem (MVP)] 2h - 3h30m
[Evil Snake Lord] 1h34m - 2h35m
[Golden Thiefbug] 1h - 1h30m
[Gloom Under Night] 5h - 9h
[Hatii] 2h - 3h
[Kiel-D-01] 2h - 3h
[Lady Tanee] 7h - 12h
[Maya] 2h - 3h
[Mistress] 2h - 3h
[Moonlight Flower] 1h - 3h
[Orc Hero] (gef_fild11) 1h - 1h30m
[Orc Hero] (gef_fild02) 24h - 36h
[Orc Lord] 2h - 3h
[Osiris] 1h - 3h
[Pharaoh] 1h - 1h30m
[Phreeoni] 2h - 3h
[RSX-0806] 2h5m - 4h5m
[Samurai Specter] 1h31m - 2h31m
[Stormy Knight] 1h - 3h
[Tao Gunka] 5h - 9h
[Turtle General] 1h - 3h
[Valkyrie Randgris] 8h - 12h
[Vesper] 2h - 3h
[White Lady] 1h56m - 3h20m

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